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‘Strat School’ Launches To Help Children Learn Math, Statistics, More While Having Fun Remotely

Mathematics, statistics and probability can be difficult concepts for children to grasp, even in normal teaching settings. With distance and “virtual” learning the norm for many this fall, the challenge of understanding these and other academic disciplines may be even greater. Strat-O-Matic (, the leader in sports simulation games, has

Phoenix-Based Education Company Provides Free STEM Curricula Nationwide

STEM Sports® is offering several free STEM lessons at involving sports for students in grades 3 through 8 to continue their STEM education at home. The STEM curriculum uses basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and BMX to teach students science, technology, engineering and math principles while encouraging and engaging children

HBCUs and eSports: a match made in STEM heaven?

HBCUs can lead the way in making Maryland the capital of eSports. This necessitates a joint effort between the HBCUs, businesses, schools and the state government at all levels. What it will not require, if done right, is much in the way of new funding. Maryland is blessed to have four