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‘Strat School’ Launches To Help Children Learn Math, Statistics, More While Having Fun Remotely

Mathematics, statistics and probability can be difficult concepts for children to grasp, even in normal teaching settings. With distance and “virtual” learning the norm for many this fall, the challenge of understanding these and other academic disciplines may be even greater. Strat-O-Matic (, the leader in sports simulation games, has

SportTechie: Mike Matheny’s Analytics Makeover: Why the Baseball Manager Went Back to School

Mike Matheny (Flickr/Corn Farmer) Mike Matheny's immediate managerial prospects seemed dim after his dismissal as St. Louis Cardinals skipper in July of last year. Though he had great success on the field in the win-loss column, most GMs "these days," (as if the mid-2010s no longer fit that definition) are looking

MLB Partners With Discovery Education on Baseball-Themed STEM

MLB Partners With Discovery Education on Baseball-Themed STEM

Major League Baseball is teaming up with Discovery Education, a digital curriculum hub, on a multiyear partnership to incorporate baseball content in Discovery’s Science Techbooks and STEM education. Discovery provides online tools and professional development for teachers and students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The science materials will now include MLB-themed content.