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KOTV Tulsa: BMX Aids in STEM Education

CBS-TV affiliate KOTV Channel 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is using the sport of BMX Racing to promote STEM education. The station's story, which can be viewed here, was in the context of the BMX Grand Nationals in Oklahoma's second largest city this weekend. While most athletes are focused on getting a win,

Seattle Times: Amazon’s Cloud Computing Will Help Seahawks Tackle Data For ‘A Competitive Advantage’

Every sports franchise is looking for competitive advantages. The best-selling book and hit film Moneyball put some of the methodology behind finding the market inefficiencies into words and pictures, and while analytics have taken hold throughout every league, teams are still working on ways to stay ahead of the curve,

CDE: Maryland Turns to Esports to Push Students Toward STEM

Shutterstock The Center For Digital Education has posted an item about the state of Maryland's efforts to encourage students to look at STEM fields via esports. EliteGamingLive, or EGL, is the vehicle. EliteGamingLive, or EGL, is an esports league tailored to K-12 students that combines the burgeoning field of esports with educational

N.E.’s First Youth Esports Training Center To Open Dec. 15

On December 15, Uptime Esports will open its doors to the public in Hanover, Mass., offering New England's first state-of-the-art esports training facility, which will also be home to the largest youth esports arena in the Northeast. With outstanding equipment, professional coaches, youth club teams, and exciting any-age tournaments, Uptime Esports is the first

Stack Sports Launches Sports Connect, a Technology Software Platform Designed to Grow Youth Sports Organizations

Unsplash/ William Iven Stack Sports, the largest and fastest-growing global provider of sports technology, announced today the launch of its newest youth sports technology solution, Sports Connect. Sports Connect, an integrated, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solution, is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for sports organizations built on the core of the Blue Sombrero